• Analytical Services' gravimetric lab and XRF analysis team

  • Our three PANalytical Epsilon 5 XRF analyzers are named after ancient Norse gods: Frøya, Odin and Thor.

  • Preparing filters for XRF analysis

  • XRF filter cups

Since the late 1970s, Crocker Nuclear Laboratory has been a leader in the characterization and analysis of the microscopic airborne particles that cause regional haze, the kind of air pollution that impairs visibility over widespread areas.

Over the years, a major thrust of our research has been the development and refining of techniques and equipment necessary for the analytical component of this work. We are now pleased to offer our analytical expertise and advanced equipment to the larger research community. For an overview of the services we provide, we invite you to visit the pages of this website.

To learn more about any of these services or should you wish to place an order with us, contact principal investigator Nicole Hyslop.